A Place for Me

“Sometimes, going left is the only way to get right.”

Mitchell Stone Jr. is a country boy from a small, racially segregated community in Memphis, Tennessee, transplanted into the culture shock of the Southside of 1960 Chicago. Feelings of indifference and alienation from family, a new environment, and gangs propel him on a journey through life beyond imagination.

Stone’s quest for defining his identity leads him to the rice paddies of Vietnam, into an underworld existence in the fast-paced game of international street life as a career criminal, pimp, drug dealer, heroin addict, and hustler, to become a recovering addict and a successful manager within corporate America.

A Place for Me tells the fictitious account of actual events, experiences, observations, and the creative imagination that author Colby Chase based on twenty years of street credits, twenty years in corporate America, and twenty-three years free of heroin addiction by way of a spiritual experience through involvement in Twelve Step programs. A story of both defeat and triumph, this novel narrates the miracle of change in one man’s experiences of being lost and then found.

About colbychase

Colby Chase has resided in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the past twenty-three years. Chase has been a career pimp, drug dealer, and heroin addict. He is also retired after twenty years of management in corporate America.
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146 Responses to A Place for Me

  1. Jud"ith" says:

    Extraordinarily candid and extremely enlightening…the story of a man who overcomes the wrath of heroin and becomes a man of faith. I could never have imagined living in this kind of a world and pray that by reading this book many more souls will be saved!

  2. Maureen Jackson-Rogers says:

    Very impressed with A Place For Me, not only was it interesting but also very informative. I actually could’nt put it down untill I was finished. Done done it again….huh Colby?

  3. Darlene says:

    Absolutly amazing…great read!!! I was hooked (no pun intended) from the first page. What an amzing story!!!! Kudos to Colby!

  4. leslie says:

    I’m a retired high school teacher. I have worked with high risk students who have said to me there is no place for me. Mr. Chase, I recommend your well written and interesting book to my grand children and others. When can I expect something else from you?

  5. Dwight says:

    I found this book to be educationally inspiring, and enlighting to my spirit
    Thank you Mitch

  6. debra says:

    after reading this book i hold heartily recommend this profound book to everyone after the first two pages it was revealing inspirting and i consider this a best seller. 5 stars goes to colby chase.very spiritual. -Debra Finley

  7. Wanda Bernhardt says:

    A gritty, no-nonsense, well written account of street life at its best and at its worst. I was moved and inspired by Mitch’s search from money, women, and heroin to God and a 12 step program… a journey that for most dope fiends end in jails, institutions, and death. A real testament to the fact that there is no limit to God’s mercy and a story of hope for those who are hopeless. Thank you Colby Chase for sharing your truth!

  8. Rick Mcgee says:

    This was a very good read largely because I lived through the Pimp era I mean when there was real Pimps. And I have read a lot of books from this genre and found this one to be as real as any I have read. I am however a bit frustrated that I finished so soon because this one left you wanting more and knowing it was over. Great Book!

  9. Wendy McGee says:

    I found the book to be very insightful into the world my husband came from. Pimping, heroin addiction, etc. you know the fast life! Reading your book brought to the forefront the degree of change that has occurred in my husband’s life though the grace of God twelve step programs and mentors such as yourself. Who has shared with the world, through your writing, that there is redemption in life! Sometimes we have to go through it, to get through it. Life is an endless succession of lessons, we are all here to learn, and we won’t learn everything in one lifetime.
    I hope you write a sequel to your book, that describes the rest of your spiritual journey. I’m sure it will be as enthralling as the first book.
    I wish you much success, with your book.
    And so it is!
    W. McGee

  10. Stacy Lawrence says:

    I absolutely LOVED “A Place for Me” by Colby Chase! I had a hard time putting the book down but didn’t want it to end either. Mr. Chase’s account of his journey took me on a roller coaster of emotions while giving me a deeper understanding of street life. I felt pain for many of the characters in the book and pure happiness for Mr. Chase as he found gratitude for a life that brought him to the place he is now.

  11. Christine says:

    Your book was very intriguing and hard to put down. It opened my eyes to a whole different world that most people are totally unaware. It’s story is certain to test the sands of time.

  12. Wilbur says:

    I found this book fascinating and as real as any book on street life that I’ve ever read. There was never a dull moment. What stood out most was that God could and would if He were sought. I really related to the book—so much so that—there were times when I felt as though my own story was being told.

  13. Keem says:

    I experienced a lot of different feelings about this book. It exposed me to a side of you that I didn’t want to believe existed. Still, I enjoyed hearing a piece of your history that most people would not even admit to. Overall, I really enjoyed the book and could barely put it down once I started reading it. Good luck dad with all you do in the life GOD has blessed you to experience and share with others.

  14. Janet L says:

    Just want you to know that I was fascinated while reading your book. I found the content to be informative and educational, because my knowledge of street life is very limited. It was interesting to learn that pimps have a special way of communicating with each other…that there are certain rules of the game that must be adhered to. Specifically, I did not appreciate the monumental overuse of the “n” word. You don’t need it…you are a very good writer! For me, overall, the book was a real eye-opener into what goes on in the lives of pimps, addicts, gangsters, etc.

  15. Helen H says:

    Edgy, creative, fascinating, informative, and insightful! An easy read that captivates the reader’s mind and interest from the beginning to end. A Place for Me gives a detail account of the players in the worlds’ oldest profession, with an uncanny personal touch which allows the reader to relate, identify, sympathize and empathize with the characters’ human side without losing the edge of the realness of the plot. Mixed with the pitfalls of addiction, A Place for Me shows the hope of the road back to sanity through the power of God found in 12 step programs! A powerhouse of twists, turns, and surprises. A Place for Me is a must read for all!!!

  16. Alzora B. Jackson-Winder says:

    I am a voracious reader, always have been since I first learned to read. There is a proliferation in the world of literature of people who think they can write and God simply has not given them that talent. Colby Chase is a natuarlly gifted writer. The book grabbed me, pulled me in, and did not let me go until…still has not let me go. “A Place For Me” left me disturbed as only fine literature can. This amazing work of fiction forced me to feel the events, people, and the emotions he so aptly described. Such is the hallmark of great fiction. Well done, my friend, well done.

  17. Cynthia Martinez says:

    This book is so engaging! Once you start reading it, it is impossible to put down. From the very beginning the reader is captivated by the innocence of Mitch to his rise into becoming something unforeseen. The situations that occur involving street life are so unbelieveably-believable. Readers will enjoy this book and be amazed and impressed with the turn-around in Mitch’s life and affairs.

  18. Cynthia Martinez says:

    It was a pleasure having you at our first book club gathering. It’s a great start to a book club, don’t you think? Thank you for opening up to us and sharing your thoughts, feelings and emotions. The ladies definitely enjoyed meeting with you and learning from you. I appreciate you being there with us. Afterwards I thought dang, I should have taken pictures.
    Cynthia L. Martinez

    • Colby Chase says:

      Believe me the pleasure was all mine—being the center of attention in the midst of a bunch of females—you do know that that is where I live, don’t you? hahaha Yes it is a great start for a book club and you and the ladies are most welcome. You know what, I thought the same thing afterwards—about the photos I mean. Well, you got plenty of me anyway on the “My Life Journey” DVD slideshow. B clickin wit cha!


    I loved it. Sounds like something you could start and never want to put down. Do I need to order online or is it available in book stores?

  20. Emma says:

    The book was very interesting and somewhat nostalgic. I didn’t like the ‘n’ and ‘b’ words, but I’m a senior so those days are gone. The book was well written and kept you wanting to know ‘what happens next,’ which means it was a good book.

  21. Gary says:

    I have been looking forward to reading my friend’s book since I got it a couple weeks ago. I could hardly put the book down as I felt compelled to keep reading further. I had no idea how a lot of the street life operated and was amazed by the things that the characters in the book went through. Also, knowing the author, personally, was a great help by knowing exactly what the main character in the book looked like. The book was very well written and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Although I came from a slightly different side of “street life”, I have also made it to a Twelve Step program, myself, but by the grace of God. Thank you Mr. Chase for the insight into this area of life and may God bless you.

  22. Ivan Thompson says:

    A Place For Me was one of the most exciting novels I have ever read in my life and time. The book was so real it actually took me to places and times in my own journey as a street hustler, but most importantly the spiritual journey that I am on today. You can never imagine how powerful one’s testimony can be for another.

  23. Angie Turner says:

    I’m glad to have taken the time to read this novel. When a book is as good as A Place for Me it holds your attention, you can’t wait to see what’s next. Thanks to Colby, who had to live through these experiences and be blessed to bring it to his readers in order to let us really know what he had to endure in his life to get him to where he is today. I say to Colby,‘ keep it pushing, and you are an inspiration to me and others. Keep hope alive!’ Peace and blessing my brother.

  24. Mrs. Norniece Norment says:

    WOW ! Man great job. I could not put the book down. At times I felt just down right guilty for reading it for such long periods of time, due to the new mommie status. Somebody got to take care of the babies. lol This book was very interesting. I had flashbacks myself and you know why. I did not know you could write and you were very graphic and explicit. It made me feel as if I was right there with y’all. You have come a long way full circle. I appreciate what you’ve done for me over the years. Keep on doing the damn thang. Life ain’t easy, but it’s what u make it. God can change anybody, even pimps and hoes, huh? What a miracle but first the process takes place one day at a time. I ain’t mad atcha, get that $ $ $. Somebody got to handle it. Why not you? Love u

  25. Yvette Love says:

    This book is well written; virtually visible at times. I can totally relate in a lot of areas; it sheds new light on the game and the mentality of those whose paths I’ve crossed who were in the game/life, it’s educational and expresses real feelings about real life. My thoughts are that this book shows what the Power of God does in ours lives. Thank you for sharing your life….

  26. Aaron Owsley says:

    The book was off the hook. Knowing the author, increased my interest a little more.I really feel like I know a part of his past that I was unaware of. I didn’t realize the extent of his life. It makes his accomplishments even more profound. To see all he had to go through to get to where he is, is amazing. My hats off brother, superb. P.S one of my favavorite parts, is when you’re in Vegas and you say to Mickey ” you fucking whore” in a joking way. Lol…”

  27. Brittany Fallan Brittain says:

    Hey, I have a lot of Homegirls whom I am recommending your Book too, if you don’t mind??? I am the baby of my TEAM. lol And I feel like this Book will touch alot of Women I know. I gave them ur FB page as well as ur website to buy it. Hope you dont mind! I can’t put it down!”

    • colbychase says:

      Hey baby girl! Told you you’d love it. (smile) Of course I don’t mind. That’s why I wrote it—to tell the story of the wild things of the fugitive kind. Thanx for promoting it with your Homegirls. Stay down baby cause that’s the only way to come up. 😉

  28. Brittany Fallan Brittain says:

    Rachelle, I know I MISS YOU. Call me some time! I am reading a Book that you needa read. I think you will like it. It’s called “A Place for Me.” It’s written by an old school p… I know named Colby Chase. It is really, really, so real and it hits home for women like us! You’re gonna love it and on his page there is a link to buy it! Check it out”

  29. Aaron Owsley says:

    I am in the process of reading your book again. I was watching a documentary on the hippie movement in San Francisco. I kept going back to your book in amazement. Your a living legend. Can’t wait for the next book you were telling me you were working on. Keep up the brilliant work young blood……

    • colbychase says:

      Well do enjoy reading my book, again, Aaron! Ah, the sixties ‘summer of love’ was a great time to be alive. In that, most of the guys like me from way back in those days perished through either, jails, institutions or death behind the lifestyle and/or drugs. I’m about a third of the way through my second book—pertaining to that ‘summer of love.’

  30. Elaine Sipp says:

    I just finished reading this book about three weeks ago and Wow!! From the beginning, reading it seemed like it might be impossible for me to get through such a “raw” narration of the story. But I did finish it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story takes you to extreme highs and then drops you right into the gutter. All within your thoughts. My feelings in reading it made me wonder how someone could get through this type of ‘barbed wire enclosed’ lifestyle. Every turn potentially a last turn. Then a horizon and I knew when I turned the very next page that a prayer had been answered. Only at that very moment was I able to breathe and relax and know it was going to be alright.
    I truly enjoyed this book so much. The reading allowed me to go through this story as if I were there with the author, himself. It was powerful, gritty, exhausting and my great pleasure to have been invited on such a fantastic trip.

    • colbychase says:

      Thanks Elaine for your very in-depth review comments about my book. Your words define my twofold mission statement in writing this book. The first of which was to tell the stories of many, many different people that never had a voice. This is their platform. Yes, this book is quite graphic and explicit but so is the lifestyle that I wrote about. Secondly, as a budding author, I have perhaps continued reinventing the wheel with this work—since I wrote this book in the present tense—for the sole purpose of giving readers more of an experience of being right there in the midst of the action. A fly on the wall, you could say. (smile) Your comments, along with the comments of many others both verbally and written, have assured me that I have fulfilled both my purposes in the creation of this novel.

  31. Jourdan M. says:

    “A Place For Me” is a very powerful and inspiring book and will have you on the edge of your seat!!! The author writes in a way that will capture your mind and attention from beginning to end, as he vividly expresses his life experiences. His story takes you on a journey through a world of “street life” and all of the vain pleasures that it has to offer, to finding God, Peace, and Recovery through 12 step programs. I found this book so facinating and felt as though I was “Mitch”, because I was reading it through his eyes. I highly recommend this book…3 thumbs up :).

    • colbychase says:

      Thank you so much for your review comments about my book, Jourdan. May you find all that I have found and more in this spiritual journey in the second of my two lives in one lifetime…

  32. Phillip Earl "Flem Flam" says:

    A Place for Me is a great book. Man any person that lives or has lived the street life, will definitely enjoy this book. Thanks for the incredible journey that the book took me on brother Colby.

    • colbychase says:

      Thanx Flem Flam for your review comments. And you are most welcome for the ‘incredible journey’ my brother. The pleasure of sharing it was and is, all mine. hahaha

  33. Thomas says:

    I absolutely LOVED this book! You know, I really wish I could have met “L.” lol What’s Mitch up to next? (he really is a bad, bad, boy) But that’s part of why I loved it so much. Peace.

    • colbychase says:

      Well, thank you, Thomas! I absolutely LOVE that you “LOVED” my book. Also, I know you DO wish you could have met, “L.” hahaha Next, is a “trip” through the “sixties summer of love” and the social climate of that era in more ways than one. Stay tuned! Peace and best wishes back at you.

  34. Sharon "Mon Cheri" Owsley says:

    My ultra talented friend (ED PLUMMER) wrote this book (A PLACE FOR ME). Read and enjoy! ED is an ex offender of drugs and women, and lifted himself up by the grace of god and became the finance manager of the biggest Saturn dealership in the United States. He used the pseudonym Colby Chase as author of this book. ED is a firm believer in NA, CA and AA. Those meetings helped him in his recovery. He will always be my life-long friend. ED and JOHN McGEE are my idea of a man’s man.

  35. Sharon "Mon Cheri" Owsley says:

    You are right. The only way to get those words right out of your mouth was to take them. lol Stay well my friend.

  36. I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Mr. Plummer. If you get a chance please pick up a copy of his lastest release, you will not be disappointed: )

  37. Mon Cheri says:

    I read on your Facebook wall that one of the things you liked was a fist full of dollars. Excuse me! But don’t you mean a fistful of someone else’s dollars. lol You philosopher you! Few minds have emerged as sharp and as witty as yours. You know I have always be a fan of yours from day one. You got my full attention when I looked out the window at P.C.R.H. and saw you walking in the rain with that flimsy umbrella, books under your arms, leaving to catch a bus to Cal Poly. You young Edwardian. Later, Mon Cheri

    • colbychase says:

      U have a great memory, Mon Cheri! What I remember being particularly monumental in my mind about that occasion and many others like it back then is, after having been who ‘I thought’ I’d been in my life and the lives of many others, there I was with broke with nothing to show for it. Catching those buses enroute to Cal Poly was all part of my life’s journey that I had to experience in the process of getting to where I am in my life, today. Thanx again my old friend. 😉 Much love and respect for you always.

  38. Mon Cheri says:

    You may have been broke (no cash) but rich in mind and spirit. You are one of the few friends that have never disappointed me. Friendship, laughter and consolement is what I needed, and that is what I got from you. I could go on, but I can see your head swelling (well deserved) from Pomona. From one square to another, who’d ever thunk it would be true. I guess you, your mom and me. Farewell you young Edwardian.

    • colbychase says:

      Yea, we don’t want my head to get too big for the Godfather brim I’m wearing. hahaha Mon Cheri, you never cease to amaze me. Thanx for the very kind sentiments, though. I am ever mindful of how blessed I have been throughout the years in the many places and faces of people like you. Godspeed to you old friend. “Sometimes, going left is the only way to get right.” (smile) B clickin wit cha!

  39. Linda B says:

    Hi Eddie, I wanted u to know that I have started reading your book. Loving it and don’t want to put it down. I read after getting in bed and I don’t want to put it away to sleep. Bad cause I have to get up in the morning. But I must finish this book. Mitchell is a bad boy. Good Job!!

    • colbychase says:

      Hello Linda, I’m so pleased that ur reading my book down in Louisiana and I’m even more happy that ur loving it. I’m emailing you a bonus video/photo chronology of “My Life’s Journey.” You’ll get to see a little of this and little of that. hahaha Let me know what you think.

  40. Linda B says:

    I can surely associate the pictures with the book. How is your life today? Thank God Eddie, you made it out, so many didn’t. Thanks for the video.

    • colbychase says:

      I thought you’d like that video. My life today is just “splab doobie” (way beyond wonderful), Linda. lol And I mean that because I’m one of those minute few that did make it out. ‘Most’ didn’t! I’ve since come to understand―there is no rhyme or reason as to why―but for the grace, mercy and love of a Higher Power. Enjoy the rest of the book!

  41. Linda B says:

    Hi Eddie, I have finished the book it was great…

  42. Tonya Beasley says:

    Your book was a really great book that kept me on the edge seeking what would happen next. It was so interesting and entertaining that I need there to be a sequel and even more a movie. At this point in your life, how do you feel about your past? Have you forgiven yourself? Do you have many regrets? I guess due to some of the choices you made, the late discovery of faith and connection to your higher power, it took all of that to become who you are now. Get started on part II.

    • colbychase says:

      Thanx Tonya, for your very complimentary comments about my book and your inquiry about my feelings in the aftermath of that lifestyle. Wow! I work with addicts and alcoholics on a daily basis, sharing and caring my experiences, strength and hope. Some of ‘those’ events changed me inside, perhaps, for-forever. I live my life reasonably comfortable, happy, joyous, peaceful and free these days because I realize if not for the grace and mercy of a Higher Power and some of ‘those’ experiences, I quite probably would not be who and how I am today. May the wind always be at your back.

  43. DC Toney says:

    This is one of those can’t put it down type of books. The story is magnified by the brutal honesty it portrays. The author has given us a real look inside the debauchery of the sex and drug industry from deep within its core. The main character Mitch Stone runs through life with wild abandonment, chasing first sex, then money, then drugs, then himself. The harsh realities of living life on the edge. This is a story of coming into enlightenment from the underworld to corporate America and all the nuances it takes to survive such a journey.

    • colbychase says:

      Thanx, DC, for your candid review comments about my book. Glad you enjoyed the journey! And I totally agree that the book conveyed quite an incredible journey. Have a gre8t day!

  44. Al Trunell says:

    I felt it really necessary to tell you just how entertaining I found your book to be. It kept me wanting to press on just to see what the next segment of the story had to offer. It’s an excellent book and I’m looking forward to the next one.

    • colbychase says:

      Appreciate you sharing your feelings about my book, Al. Stay tuned for my second book. Different storyline, same settings (sixies summer of love), but with a surprising twist. ; )

  45. Andre Lawrence (Top 1000 Reviewer (Amazon, US) says:

    An Intriguing But Unvarnished Look At Street Life. A PLACE FOR ME (A Memoir): A Critical Review.
    By Andre Lawrence (Miami, Florida (VINE VOICE) (TOP 1000 REVIEWER) (REAL NAME)

    A PLACE FOR ME is an unflinching and extremely provocative story about, both, a young man from the southern town of Memphis, Tennessee to the underground life of prostitution and the drug circuit of San Francisco and Northern California.

    It is a confessional of a man whose life experiences brought him to the jungles of Vietnam to cobble stone streets of England to the bordellos of Amsterdam to the flashing casino lights in Vegas.

    I suspect this book would have made Rick James very proud.

    *** *** ***

    I’ve never been a fan of memoirs or biographies with the notable exception of The Autobiography of Malcolm X and until recently the memoirs from Ice T and Todd Bridges. I should also add a book given to me by a former junkie turned successful businessman, Daniel “Kip” Kreiling.

    People who typically write personal accounts are usually on a face-saving agenda, which is why I thought the recent autobiography of Nile Rodgers (from Chic) was so disappointing.

    Colby Chase (a pseudonym) writing about “Mitchell Stone, Jr.” from his journey from a young 17-year old serviceman to becoming an accidental pimp and, eventually, a drug trafficker with a local Italian mafia circuit to his recovery from heroin and cocaine addiction by way of the Las Vegas chapter of Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous is very intriguing, to say the least.

    There’s a lot to this story. In fact, with the exception of the early chapters starting off somewhat slow and somewhat glossed over, the weight and heart of his storytelling (and rich in every sense of the word) begins from the moment he meets this mysterious European wife of a fellow G.I.

    I thought as I traversed this 450-page, page-turner, that you’d have the essentially three-part redemption story: An introduction to the character, the travail and adversity, then the overcoming and triumph of the main character. But, life is not that simple and neither is his story.

    After the first few brief chapters about his family and upbringing, the remaining 85% of the book is a gritty and sometimes shockingly blunt recount of excess and violence involved with an industry that traffics young women into the trade.

    There’s also a lesson on how pimps and prostitutes are supposed to behave in public and especially toward rival operations: an industry code of conduct that is strictly adhered to.

    And, this is separate and distinct from the drug trade which co-exists openly in the same environment as the prostitution trade.

    *** ***

    Aside from the street-view insights into “The Game,” I found Mr. Chase’s recollections of his women’s accounts in general (and, poignantly, a connection to the Zodiac killer, in particular) to be quite interesting: from Lana to Bree with whom we meet early on to the younger women like Jan and Kit in the latter part of his life.

    I was also pleased to read, from his dialogue with his women over the years, a maturation from where he started to when this book was published in 2010.

    I don’t know if I value the book because of its verite–much less for his spiritual awakening–or because it can be seen as a cautionary tale. But in either case, this is one of the most memorable biographies I have ever read and one that I will revisit from time to time.

    A PLACE FOR ME by Colby Chase–highly, highly recommended.

    5 stars.

    • colbychase says:

      Many thanx to you and your organization, Andre, for the very in-depth review comments about my book. Your composition of the video customer review with my audio and photo footage that you placed on Amazon.com in the USA, Canada, and the UK, is priceless. And your input about me possibly pursuing Graphic Novelization with my book, also, helped a great deal. Good luck to you and your company and I wish you much continued success in all your endeavors.

  46. Deborah Kincaid says:

    This author is an old friend of mine. I’m about 2/3 of the way through reading the book. Before I started having problems with double vision, a book as exciting as this novel would have taken me only a weekend to finish. I highly recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t mind taking a trip to the “other side” of the tracks.

    • colbychase says:

      Hello Deb, thanx for the review. Hope all is well and good up in Utah. Moving right along down here in Vegas. Remember to be good to yourself, kid.

  47. Brian Smith says:

    Raw, gritty, real., July 10, 2012
    Brian Smith “Tough But Fair” (West Chester, OH USA) – See all my reviews
    This review is from: A Place for Me: International Street Life to Spiritual Insight (Paperback)
    I received a complimentary copy of A Place for Me from the author. I had no idea what to expect other than he had told me it was a semi-autobiographical tale of his life and his transformation from a street hustler, drug dealer, heroin addict, and pimp through a spiritual transformation into 20 plus years of successful sales and sales management. After reading the book, I am ambivalent about recommending it for others. There were things I loved about the book and things I wished had been different. Hopefully after reading my review, you can make the decision as to whether this is a book you will enjoy. It’s certainly one I will never forget.
    The book is quite raw, as the author had warned me. The language is too raw for some. The language is necessary to tell the tale the way it needs to be told. I felt a bit uncomfortable leaving this book around the house because I have young children who are curious. For me, having grown up a “square” in suburbia, the account is one from a world that is figuratively a million miles away for me; even though I know geographically it’s only a couple of miles away for most of us. A Place for Me is a street level view into a world many of us will never know. I’ve always tried to be a person who can understand what it’s like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. But, when you read a book like this, you realize you really don’t know how you would have turned out had you grown up in other circumstances. Mitch Stone (Colby Chase) is obviously a very smart fellow—blessed with natural talents of perception and manipulation. Had he been born into different circumstances, I could see him becoming a very successful legitimate entrepreneur. As it turns out, the businesses he is introduced into are prostitution and drug dealing. Mitch quickly makes use of the tools he has been born with and he goes to work using them to play the “game” as it’s taught to him. He becomes a master at it taking a meteoric rise to the top of the world of international pimping.
    Like, Mitch, I like to study people and try to figure out where they are coming from. He does a wonderful job of explaining how he manipulated the women in his employ. I was fascinated by the mentality of the women being drawn into this prostitution game and the skills of the pimps who take advantage of them. Could a man really “turn a woman out’ as easily as Mitch did? Why are women willing to go to work for a pimp? These are questions I’ve always had and I now have more insight into the answers. I was also fascinated by the cold-blooded disregard for the women’s feelings and well-being. Mitch watches these women spiral downward and all he cares about is them bringing him money until they hit bottom. Then, he moves on and adds another to his stable. The book gives an insight into how women fall prey into this game and makes people like me, who think prostitution is a “victimless crime,” rethink that position. Mitch, however, lives a life of international travel, cars, houses, women—all the things we who take the legitimate route strive for every day and most of us never achieve. I found myself at times jealous of his success and wondering when the life was going to actually catch up with him. The game Mitch played is a high stakes game. The jealousy passed quickly as I realized I don’t have the stomach for that game—on many levels.
    I was expecting a two part tale, the first part being Mitch’s descent into the world of street crime, hitting bottom and then turning his life around and becoming a “square” and fitting into corporate America. I was expecting him to get married, get a legitimate job and live the American dream with a house and family and legit job. As I got halfway through the book, then two-thirds of the way, then three fourths of the way, I realized I was wrong. This book isn’t a fairy tale. It’s about real life. When Mitch makes his transformation he does give up a lot of his old world. But, he never lets go of it entirely. I won’t spoil it by telling you more.
    In addition to the expletives in the book, there is a lot of language that some people are just not going to understand. If you’re not familiar with the dialect there are times when the characters almost seem to be speaking another language. At times, we are given translations, in parenthesis. But, there are times when you’re just left to figure it out on your own from the context. There were also, unfortunately, several typographical errors in the book which were distracting. I also found the story to be longer than necessary—as the incessant stream of women in and out of Mitch’s life began to become confusing and boring after a while. At one point, the author indicates that Mitch can’t keep all of the women that have been in and out of his life straight, either. I got to that point myself. I think the book could benefit from a good edit. These flaws detracted somewhat from the overall enjoyment of the book. But, they aren’t serious enough for me to suggest you not read it.
    A Place For Me is not a book for everyone. Some are going to find the world it peers into to be too dark and gritty and will want to turn away. If you’re willing to get in there and take a good long look at what life is like for someone in completely different circumstances, you’ll enjoy it.

    • colbychase says:

      Brian, thank you for your extensive and very insightful critique. I whole-heartedly concur with your entire review comments. But the main thing is, you read this story as others have, and many others will. I knew this book would be difficult for some to read because of the hardcore language. But the lifestyle that I wrote about is very hardcore—to stay the least. I also knew that it would be divisive and even disturbing to many others (per my editors’ predictions). Still, it is a story that I was compelled to tell.

  48. James Freison says:

    This was a very exciting and entertaining book with a pleasant ending. It certainly showed a great example of what the power and mercy of God can do even when things seem most hopeless. I hope you keep God first in your life from here on out.

    • colbychase says:

      So happy that you enjoyed my book. And yes, I do keep my Higher Power first because after many years, I finally realized that He has always kept me first.

  49. Stevie Johnson says:

    Loved the book. Had me hanging on to the edge of my chair most of the way. Are you doing a sequel? When will it be on the silver screen?

    • colbychase says:

      I love that you loved my book. 🙂 Don’t know when it’ll be on the silver screen. I am currently working on a second book. Not really a sequel but a different twist. Meanwhile, check out my recently added “Author Presentation Video” on YouTube Videos. Just enter Colby Chase and it’ll come up as; The Story of a Career Pimp, Drug Trafficker- The Story of Colby Chase Thanx!

  50. Chyson Aguano says:

    Awesome book EP! I read it this past week. Downloaded it to my phone and couldn’t put the phone down. I’ll check out the author video. Good job.

  51. Orlando Watkins says:

    I have read a lot of books like this one, Whoreson, Pimp by Iceberg Slim and Dopefiend just to name a few and I have to say this book is the best of them all. The language, a lot of the situations and characters are so real it is like watching a movie. I felt like I was right in the middle of all the action.

    • colbychase says:

      I may be a bit biased in saying that I agree with you about my book being the best of it’s kind, Orlando. However, that’s exactly what I am saying.:)Thanx for your review.

  52. Linda Bassett says:

    I read the book and have encouraged others to read it. I also enjoyed the author’s My Life’s Journey video. Guys purchase this book you won’t want to put it down. A world I didn’t know about but found it entertaining. Go Eddie!!!

  53. Kevin Rucker says:

    This is a good read… Everybody must find their place if they want fulfillment… Good job Eddie….

  54. Jennifer Campbell says:

    Those pictures on your Facebook remind me that shit can be better if you want it to be. I miss those days when we was together. I miss you. Hope you are doin good.

    • colbychase says:

      Hey baby, those were the days, huh? I’m doin’ great! Hope all is well and good with you, too, lil’ mama. Got a book signing coming up Saturday, October 20, 2012, at 3-6 pm @ Simpo Sandwich. Try to make it if you’re in town—it’s all about y’all. 😉

  55. Sharon Diane Lawson says:

    Mitch had very little game when he first met that one girl Helena. She sure turned him around in a hurry. With a sharp as she was she could have been a madam or something like that on her own if not for falling for him. Then some years later, I was saying gon wit yo bad self about Mitch. I was so caught up in this story I had a hard time putting the book down.

    • colbychase says:

      Thanx for your sincere review comments, Sharon. You need to keep in mind that Mitch was a country boy from extremely humble beginnings with little to no character or purposeful direction in his life. But you are absolutely right, Helena was ‘all of that and a bag of chips’ in Mitch’s life and affairs. Living life in the fast lane, one either learns to grow up and adapt real fast or they will perish even faster. I’ll glad you enjoyed my book. Good luck and best wishes to you.

  56. Regina says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars Interesting, November 16, 2012
    M “CultOfStrawberry” (I wait behind the wall, gnawing away at your reality) – See all my reviews
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)
    This review is from: A Place for Me: International Street Life to Spiritual Insight (Paperback)
    This book had a really strong start, and is very gritty. I can not imagine living the life of a pimp – I guess it’s true what they say, pimping ain’t easy but someone has to do it. I really enjoyed reading this, but I would have liked to know one thing – what happened to Lana? I mean, I know where she went, but I would have really liked it if Mitch had tried to keep in touch with Lana since she meant so much to him. I also wished that the ending had been more definitive. I mean, in a way it was, but at the same time it felt a bit loose. I would have also liked some more time/writing about Mitchell’s prison and rehab time, since such a large section of this book is about his pimping life. Nonetheless, a good read.

    • colbychase says:

      First of all, thank you for your review of my book. Now to address your questions. There was so much more to this book (Vietnam, jails, institutions, prisons and over 2 decades of involvement with 12 Step Programs) than was possible to publish in one volume. My editors had strongly suggested that I write it in 4-5 books. However, because of the severe emphysema/copd, I wasn’t sure if I’d live long enough to finish even this book. And it was my driving obsession that this story be told and in-print before my death. Unfortunately, rushing through editing with that thought constantly in my mind, much info was omitted by mistake in the many rewrites. In order not to divulge in open forum the plot and outcomes of certain events and people you alluded to, I will respond to your other inquiries through your email.

  57. Spleefmistress/CultOfStrawberry says:

    🙂 I do have a bit of advice, if you put this book through another publishing run, you may want to put what you told me about the kids in the back as an afterword. Some books have really nice afterwords which answer questions left in the original story, movies also have the same, played right before the credits, if they are based off real-life stories. I’m the kind of reader who hates leaving things unanswered, and though I know not everyone is like me, I am sure there are others who would love to know what happened with Mitch and his progeny. Have a super day!

    • colbychase says:

      Thanx for the very valuable advice, Speefmistress! I concur with you totally. Been told similar things about my book and asked some of the same exact questions that you have. And yes, it is my intention to put this book through another publisher at some point in the future. So I’ll be able to address all of those issues for better clarity and closure for readers. I am so appreciative of all the different critiques that I’ve received from so many people. I have long since learned that to be great at anything one must become a student of that arena. Emerson once said, “Every man/woman I meet is my superior in some way. In that, I learn of them.” As a result, I am forever a work in progress. 🙂 However, for now, at the end of the day—I am so very grateful—to have gotten the stories and voices of so many in print. Now I feel that their coming and passing will not have been in vain. You have a gre8t day, too, Speefmistress!

  58. Marci W. says:

    Hey Eddie!!!
    First let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book! It took me into a world that I’ve never experienced & had very little knowledge of “how it worked.” The characters are vividly brought to life. I laughed, cried, was amazed, sad, fascinated & obsessed with reading “just one more chapter.” Your story is one of such diversity through so many of life’s high peaks & lowest craters. But hope, faith, success & recovery prevailed in the end.
    I’ll be rereading your book in near future to absorb more than I did the first time around! LOL
    Sincerely With Love,
    Marci W.

    • colbychase says:

      Well hello, Marci! Thank you very much for your enthusiastic review! All of the feelings and thoughts you experienced in reading my book are part of the aim and purpose of me writing it. And believe me—I shared in those feelings and many other feelings in the process of writing this book—because I lived quite up close and personal with much of the book’s storyline. I am ever in awe of the life that 12 Steps Programs have enabled me to experience each and every one day at a time for the past 27 years. Love u back! 🙂

  59. Melvin C. Jones says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your book. Very real and entertaining. Once I started reading it was hard to stop. There were so many episodes in your life that were similar to mine that I related to. The overseas action, with me spending a lot of time over there, the things you talked about you had to be there to know about. Some of the experiences you had with women was so real it reminded me of myself. I had the women the jewelry, cars, dope. I just wasn’t getting paid. I lived to freak. Sometimes I would get paid but most of the time I wouldn’t. I wish I had met you back in the day. I guess like everything else there was a reason we met when we did. I love the way over the course of time how you got yourself together on a spiritual journey. It showed me nothing ever happens overnight. It’s definitely over time. Pretty much throughout your book you were always worried about your alter ego knowing you and talking to you. It’s always going to be about our alter egos that’s what makes us who we are.

    • colbychase says:

      I really appreciate your review comments, Melvin. Yeah, there were many different roles involved in and around the lifestyle that we come from. But the bottom line is that most of us ended us stuck, broke, busted and disgusted. 🙂 Miraculously though, a few of us did made it out. I have come to believe that had it not been for an alter ego, I quite probably would not have survived out there. And I totally agree with you that alter egos help make us who and what we are. Stay down my brother cause that’s still the only way to come up. 😉

  60. Writers Digest Self Publishing Competition says:

    Judges commentary for your entry in the 20th Annual Writer’s Digest Annual Self-Published Book Awards:
    Entry Title: A Place for Me: International Street Life to Spiritual Insight
    Author: Eddie Plummer (Colby Chase)
    Judge Number: 90
    Books were evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5. This scale is strictly to provide a point of reference, it is not a cumulative score and does not reflect ranking.
    Structure and Organization: 3
    Grammar: 2
    Production Quality and Cover Design: 5
    Plot (if applicable): 2
    Character Development (if applicable): 4
    What did you like best about this book?
    A Place for Me is a positive, realistic tale of the struggle for freedom from addiction that is timely and rendered with the depth of feeling that comes from the author’s own experience. For injecting that kind of personal experience into his writing, he should be applauded. I felt that the author did some excellent work, in particular with his efforts re: characterization of the main character and secondary characters. Overall, a really terrific job here and one of the main strengths of the book.
    How can the author improve this book?
    The story itself, heartfelt as it undoubtedly is, is held in check by poor choices in the writing and the need for a thorough copy edit. A Place for Me comes off as a good first draft, which a skilled editor, working in close collaboration with the author, could help turn into something truly special. It also had some pacing issues that made the plot much less compelling than it could have been. Again, a good professional editor would be beneficial here.

  61. Lou says:

    Eddie I appreciate you turning me on to your book. It was a good read and the way you described some of the situations made me feel like I was right there in it. You did a good job.

  62. Renai says:

    I loved reading this book. Mitch was such a turn on that I found myself attracted to him. It was like this whole story came to life with me in it. I didn’t want it to end and I hope you’re writing another book soon. I bought a few copies of your book to give to friends before I even finished reading it.

    • colbychase says:

      I’m sure Mitch would love your compliment, Renai. I know as the author, I certainly do! 😉 Thank you for sharing your enjoyable reading experience with others and please feel free to continue to do so. May your sorrows be few and your joys many.

  63. Monique B. says:

    After reading this book, I found it to be very exciting and realistic. The fact that I was one of the characters in this story was as exciting as the book itself. I relate to how I was portrayed by the character in the book. However, I do not agree with every aspect of the way my character was represented. But yet, this didn’t make me feel any less enthusiastic about the adventure of the story because it talked about many real life situations that I am familiar with.

    • colbychase says:

      Imagine that! I’m so sure you found my book to be very exciting and realistic. 🙂 That’s because we been there and done that (from here to there and back again). Keeping it one hundred, though—without the experiences and interactions with people like you—this story would never have been told. And of course ‘you don’t agree with every aspect of the representation of the character’ relative to you. I would have been shocked if you had. Hahaha! Nevertheless baby, the bottom line remains that we are folks for—forever. Stay down ‘cause that’s still the only way to come up! 😉

  64. Patrick Goff Fleming says:


    • colbychase says:

      Well Patrick, just so happens that I do know a thing or two about the “sly, slick and wicked.” 😉 Thanx for the complimentary remarks about my book and DVD. People have really been enjoying that video/photo chronology of my life’s journey. Great idea—if I do say so myself. 🙂

  65. Vikki "Kitty" says:

    I love you Eddie, because I remember you as who you were to me. My big brother. You taught me to cook hotdogs on a fork over the eye on the gas stove…Arrgh! 😦 electric stoves. Your book rang out its message loud and clear…sometimes stingingly clear about a world different and…more toxic than my own. But I still know You as PLU my laughing big brother with that scar under his eye which made him cool as hell to me. I was very timid and bullied all through school and often thought of you, because you were always looking out for me. Leaning out that window at those apartments where we used to live, watching you, I heard the talk when you returned. But the next day, you would help me cross that field to school, because I was afraid of the grasshoppers! You see, I remember Eddie my BIG Brother. I love you. God Bless you.

    • colbychase says:

      Hey baby sistah! Glad to hear from you. I, too, remember those days very well. But somewhere between Chicago, Vietnam, street life, & prisons, that person you speak of had ceased to exist—I became someone or something else. However, by the grace of a Higher Power through involvement in 12 Steps Programs, I found my place back into the real world once again. Enjoy your day lil’ sis. Love you too!

  66. Andy says:

    Hey Big Brother, I read your book, watched the DVD’s, and really enjoyed all of it. When I first received it Melissa hurried up and took it to read it first. lol I tell people about the book and a few have ordered it off Amazon.com. Some others have read my copy. Interesting journey you’ve had in life. You’ve done so much. Our paths have been very different nobody would ever believe we’re brothers. Yet, on the other hand, we are alike in many ways. I understand you and all you’ve gone through a lot better now. I love you man. I’m glad you came back around the family so I got to have a relationship with you.

    • colbychase says:

      Hello back atcha, lil’ bro. 🙂 Thanx for your comments about the book and DVD’s, and for touting it to people. You are right, I have done quite a bit of this and that over the years. 😉 If you recall, you were 11 years old—when I showed back up around the family—after being M.I.A. for 11 years. Man, I remember how shocked I was to find out that I had an 11 years old younger brother. Hahaha! Much love and respect lil’ bro.

  67. Billie says:

    Hi honey; time appears to be kind to you and you are still as ”smooth as silk” just as I figure you will ALWAYS be.

  68. John says:

    This is absolutely 1 of the best novels I’ve read, highly recommended. Your messages helped me two survive nside! Eddie P., truly real and as real as it gets.

    • colbychase says:

      Welcome home, Big John! Glad you enjoyed my book, bro. You know that I been where you at, so you know I’m real when I say that I understand. Now, the only way from here for you—is up—so stay down until you get there.

  69. Ranie says:

    Plu, I just had to share my opinion about this book. I must have missed the change and spiritual inspiration part of this story. All I got from it was lot of trashiness and you feeding your ego. You got freaky and nasty with a bunch of little nasty and freaky girls but essentially you changed just enough to stay free of drugs through those programs. But you never stopped using and manipulating people. I watched the DVD and it was also more about feeding your ego with the women, cars, bling, houses and all that. There was a lot about the street life but unfortunately very little about the spiritual insight that the title of the book suggested.

    • colbychase says:

      Well, sounds like you got me figured out alright. 🙂 Thanx for your critique. Just so you know though, this book started out with more than twice the content than was finally published. So a lot, including some of what you mentioned, didn’t survive the editing process. Because of severe medical issues—I had to rush it into print before I checked out of here—cause this story had to be told. Happy Holidays!

  70. Sandie says:

    Thank you so much, Colby Chase, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come by and visit. It’s not every day that a person can purchase a book, get it personally autographed, and have it delivered by the author, lol!!! I am truly blessed to have such a crazy and amazing friend like you:-) As for anyone else reading this, if you’re looking for a wonderful inspirational book, you can pick up a copy of Colby Chase’s book A Place For Me at your nearest bookstore or go to his website at https://aplaceformebook.wordpress.com/

    • colbychase says:

      Wow! Thank you so much for the kind words and buying a copy of my book, Sandie. Your comments sound like a line in a song that I like, “That’s what friends are for.” Keep smiling!

  71. Mon Cheri says:

    My favorite EARTHLING. You have inspired me to believe in people and help make their lives better. You are an inspiration to anyone pulling on those bootstraps and trying to get their lives together. Also, you are a truly an amazing person. By the grace of God I was lucky enough for you to cross my path my eternal friend, and I love you from the bottom of my heart for our friendship. Thanks again for the b day wish.

    • colbychase says:

      Wow! What does one say to all of that great stuff? Other than, of course, say it with your mouth, baby sista. Hahaha! Oh, and you are most welcome for the BDay wish.

  72. Sherri says:

    I cannot thank you enough for these pictures of our family! They really brought back some memories! I know you already know but you are a damn good looking man! LOL! And mommy was sooooo pretty!
    Damn! In your book, Mitch showed his ass off at Arnsberger Cadillac. I love him! And he knows how to treat a hoe. Well, at least the ones he don’t set on fire. 🙂 This statement in the book is an all time classic, “America is the land of milk and honey, but a nigga can’t taste it without any money.”
    A couple of last things, “Pretty!” 😉 Did Mitch ever really fall in love, real love, like can’t live without kind of love? And is he still pimping? I will be calling you as I continue reading your book and just because I want to talk to you from time to time. Well I have got to put this book down and go to bed! You have a good night Eddie, I love you!

    • colbychase says:

      You are most welcome for the photos my youngest baby sis. 🙂 In selecting those photos from my collection it brought back fond memories for me as well. Thanx for the compliment & yes I do know that I am a “damn good looking man.” Hahaha!
      I see you’re deep into the book and remembering some stuff too, huh? As for your questions—yeah, Mitch felt the kind of love that you speak of on a couple of occasions—with Mouse early on in the Chicago experience. And even deeper later on with “Lana/L.”
      No, Mitch is no longer pimping. If his saga were continuous, he perhaps would be doing a tad bit of consultative work from time to time with a few of his exes. 😉 Love you too, Sherri, and be good to yourself kid because you only get one you. Please, do tell your friends and associates about my book (those that you figure can handle the storyline).

  73. Andy says:

    Hey unc. I finished your book the other night and I must say that it was a very good read. At some points I felt like I was watching a movie. I can only imagine how it was but through reading I felt like I was there. I will be passing it along to one of the many hands that wants to read it. Kudos to you. Anyway, I hope all is well. I’m anxious to get back out there. Something about those Vegas nights…

    • colbychase says:

      Hello Andy! So glad you enjoyed the book. Lots of people have told me that reading it, “felt like they were actually there,” too. That, of course, makes me feel good as a beginning author. All is great with me! Those Vegas nights do have a way of growing on people making them want to come again & again. Meant to ask you if you watched the DVD I gave you? B clickin’ witcha!

  74. Andy says:

    Hey unc. I did watch the movie. I must say once again I am jealous. Watching that movie makes me feel like I haven’t lived. lol. Anyway, I hope you had a great thanksgiving. Feel free to send me whatever you have. I’ll take it all! I’m going to need you to point out some good spots I need to go vacation. I’m sure you have some great suggestions. Talk to you soon.

    • colbychase says:

      Hello young nephew! Yeah, I’ve done some serious living up & down life’s highways & byways. Two lives in one lifetime, actually! 😉 Had a grand Thanksgiving but all my days are grand—I’m retired! 🙂 Hope you & Nadja & the family did as well. I’m sending two other video/photo slideshows through email so look out for them & let me know when you receive them.
      Be happy to point out a few vacation spots for you. Just let me know when you guys start planning and what you like. My favorite four cities in the world that I’ve spent time in are; Amsterdam, Holland; Paris, France; New York City; & of course San Francisco, Cali’ ;)—I also love the tropical places too, like; Hawaii, Costa Rica, Tahiti, Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, etc.—don’t get me started cause there’s just too many to name. 🙂 Happy Holidays to all of you back there!

  75. Vicki Gilmore-Sparks says:

    Well next time you call me make sure your not calling Russia or Spain or some other country. Lol. Love the book almost finished it. When does the sequel come out? I love to read. So I curled up in my bed and started reading. Once I got started I couldn’t put in down.

    • colbychase says:

      🙂 Yeah, I know…huh…I accidentally saved your cell number with an international prefix. Thanx for your review. Glad you enjoyed the book. Nothing warms a budding author’s heart more than hearing, “I couldn’t put it down.” B clickin’ witcha! 😉

  76. Vicki Gilmore-Sparks says:

    The DVD was indeed cool. You’re the next Hollywood Oscar winner. When they make the movie of the book I want to play one of your retired hoes. LMAO Anything for you my dear.

    • colbychase says:

      Hahaha! Love that…girls like you are the reasons that I am so spoiled. And what do you mean, “play one of my retired hoes.” You are one of them. It’s just that our paths never crossed out there.

  77. Mike says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your book to a point that it had me blushing and believe me I’m not the blushing type. I already knew you were a lady’s man. But nowhere near as much or as many women as you’ve gone through. It had me scratching my head trying to keep up with them all.

  78. Kaylyn Joy says:

    Hi 😘 this is my number. Soooooo nice meeting you. Like when I say I love this book I mean I LOVE THIS FUCKIN book. Kaylyn 💋

  79. Kaylyn Joy says:

    Lol @ kid.

    • colbychase says:

      🗣Hahaha! 😀”Kid” is a term I use of affection. I’m thrilled that you’re lovin’ my book, Kaylyn, I certainly loved ❤️ livin’ it.

  80. Kaylyn Joy says:

    I can see why girls were crazy about you. 💯
    Still are I’m sure…

  81. Kaylyn Joy says:

    You’ve got this thing… you know what it is…vibes, presence, swag, charisma…

    • colbychase says:

      Yeah, I know what you mean, baby! 😉 I was well-trained to become the figment of the female imagination. Kinda like the Genie in Aladdin’s Lamp says, “Your every secret wish & fantasy is my command.” 🗣lol 😀 I couldn’t help sliding that on there! Hahaha!

      • Kaylyn Joy says:

        Love it
        I see you
        This book has changed my mentality… something clicked

      • colbychase says:

        🗣Hahaha! 😀 Stop! You’re killing me; got me crackin’ up here. Whatever you do or whatever you are, always be the best you that you can possibly be. 👍🏾☝️

  82. Kaylyn Joy says:

    Haha 😛😘 good I like your laugh
    And you know that’s right 💯💯💯 but I learned today that everyone is my superior in some way… 😘 cause there’s always something new to learn..

  83. Kaylyn Joy says:

    seeeeee. Well that’s good you’ll be around a looooonnnngggg time cause you a bad muthafucka huh!!! 💯💯 😂😂

    • Colby Chase says:

      😀 Yep, I’m living the 2nd of 2 lives in 1 lifetime. I still owe life, people, society, & God.
      So He ain’t done with me yet. 🦅🌈🖖🏽

  84. DD says:

    I started reading your book and I must confess it caught me off guard. You started right off in it on the first page. lol To be honest I wasn’t ready for that to hit my spirit. I am slow moving with your book. You were no joke sir…more to come. I will read it though, cause I am so darn curious to know the story.

    • colbychase says:

      My book is not suitable for everyone―as it contains vulgarity, graphic violence & explicit sexuality―however, both were necessary to accurately depict the shocking underbelly of old school street life. Thanx for keeping it 100, DD, & may the Force be with you.

  85. Jayden Joy says:

    Mr EDDIE P. told me we do this life from Maine to Spain – TOKYO TO Frisco & you better believe I LISTENED ✈️💙💚🌎✨ Every single thing he told me would happen in my life has come true & the ones that haven’t – WILL because he taught me how. ♟ LOVE YOU POPPY. Thank you. In this life & the next. Wild things #DN4MINE

  86. Anonymous lady says:

    On the plus side, this book was more like watching a movie than reading a book. However, I found the principal character & much of storyline to be despicable. If my daughter had become involved with such a predator, I would’ve killed him.

    • colbychase says:

      Well, hello there, Anonymous Lady, I do appreciate your direct & honest comments about the storyline & principal character of my book. As a budding author any critique is of immense use to my growth as a writer. The extreme subject matter of the book, is what it is―& just like real life―it is never one size fits all.

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