About the Author

Hello. My name is Eddie Plummer, author of the published novel, “A Place for Me: International Street Life to Spiritual Insight,” using the pseudonym Colby Chase. I have lived in Las Vegas, NV, for the past twenty-three years. This is my first published book. I found it so exhilarating writing this semi-autobiographical novel that I have begun a second focusing on my very favorite era, “the sixties summer of love.” I am retired from a successful twenty year career in sales and management in corporate America. Also, I am semi-retired from an entrepreneurship in real estate sales and property management.

Prior to that―during what I like to call ‘the first of my two lives in one lifetime’―I spent twenty years involved in international street life as a career criminal, pimp, drug dealer, heroin addict and hustler. I currently have twenty-three years free of heroin addiction by way of a spiritual experience through involvement in Twelve Step programs. I am passionate about life, writing, music, movies, photos, involvement with Twelve Step programs and working with others—caring and sharing a message of personal and spiritual development, financial planning and networking ―with a perpetual attitude of gratitude.

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